Wyrallah Public School

Teaching from the heart

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About our school

Wyrallah Public School is a wonderful small school which is able to provide a nurturing, family-like atmosphere whilst, at the same time, promoting quality educational experiences and individualised learning programs for students.

The school community is supportive and, through their co-operation and assistance, students have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities which aggregate to provide a well-rounded and satisfying school experience.

Through a child-centred approach Wyrallah Public School aims to provide students with a strong educational and social foundation for secondary schooling and beyond. We provide a range of quality learning experiences for all students through relevant curriculum, teaching programs that differentiate to cater for a variety of learning styles and appropriate assessment strategies. Emphasis is placed on continual improvement of student resilience, positive self-esteem and developing each student to their full potential. This is undertaken in a caring setting where all students feel safe.

Through proactive interaction the school aims to foster positive community attitudes towards the school. The school, established in 1867, is situated in the historic village of Wyrallah, about 10 kilometres south-east of Lismore.